*Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the trips?
We try to stay close to the booking times of 2 or 3 hours depending on the trip chosen. Sometimes they vary within 10-15 minutes depending on boat traffic.

Is there much boat traffic on the river and how do you react with other boats?
Sometimes we pass a lot of other boats and sometimes not. We will encounter all types of motor and paddle boats all year round along with floating tubes on hot days. How we deal with other watercraft depends on the situation. Typically we will want to slow down or stop and let the other boats pass. The thing to remember is the river has shallow spots. Our boat drafts 12-15" of water when stopped or at slow speeds. At cruising speeds we draft 3-5" depending on how many people we have so sometimes if we can’t stop or slow down safely we may go by another boater fast. Regardless, the captain is taking the safest approach for our passengers and will always make sure the other boat is safe after we pass.

Will I get wet? What should I wear?
Always possible. We make maneuvers that may send spray over the bow or side of the boat. Wind also affects this. If you are adverse to a little cool water let us know. The amount of water always depends on weather, river conditions, and where you are sitting. We carry towels on board and will try to take it easier on our groups that prefer mild to wild. From early fall to late spring we run a full top with heater. The top has lots of clear vinyl and the sights are just as good as summer time. The higher water level also helps see more of the valley floor. For cloudy days or evening trips a light jacket might be appropriate to bring along. If a trip is booked we will have the boat appropriately set up for the weather at the time.

Do you provide life jackets?
We carry life jackets for anyone that wants but only require them on our younger sightseeing friends as required by law. USCG requires we carry a type 1 for everyone on board but we do have several of the more comfortable type 3 as well.

Are there physical or age requirements?
We carry a 2' step ladder to help with loading and unloading if necessary. Our main loading site is also arranged as such to make for steps of less than 12" in height. The biggest step is actually walking from the bow to seating area of the boat but we haven't encountered any problems yet and the captain is always there to offer a helping hand.

What about Bathroom stops?
There is a restroom at our current home port of Cartney Boat Landing. There is also one about 1/2 way to the turn around point and one at each turn around area. So figure 1/2 - 3/4 hour increments. In case of an emergency just let the captain know and he can probably get to an appropriate spot in just a few minutes.

Should I bring a camera?
You are most welcome to bring cameras and we encourage you to do so! We are happy to stop anywhere requested so you can take pictures. Binoculars aren't a bad idea and we try to keep at least a pair or two onboard. We do have storage area aboard for most items of handbag size. Note: Individuals are responsible for their own belongings and the proper safekeeping of them. We cannot be responsible for damage to any electrical or electronic equipment.

Are reservations required?
All our runs are reservation based at this time with a 2 person minimum. We appreciate as much notice as possible but during summer months we can usually meet a schedule time with as little as an hours notice. Summer holidays we may also be on standby for immediate bookings but please call to confirm that there is a open seat or booking time. You can call us at 541-912-9107 or 541-409-4299 for reservation information.

Don't forget to bring your camera, sunscreen, jacket, hat, swimsuit and anything else that you think you might need. We recommend you prepare accordingly for local weather conditions so your experience will be more enjoyable!
Check out the local weather report here!

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email us at info@scenicjetboats.com or call us at 541-912-9107